Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A couple of finishes and a UFO

It's not quite New Year yet but my resolution is not to start anything new but complete some UFO' (unfinished objects) Like many stitchers there's so many gorgeous projects out there I find it difficult to finish a project before starting another. Every time I say to myself that I will work the current and the new project along side each other but usually one of them (usually the older of the projects) become a UFO. 

What has not helped for me is through November and December I lost my stitchy bug so got very little done. I am now also into crochet in a big way and do a little bit of knitting. 

On Boxing Day I finished this small finish which took me 3 weeks (yes 3 weeks) to finish.

One thing I love about the time between Christmas and New Year is I have the time off work (yippee) and there's loads of easy watching TV to sit with feet up and stitch/crochet and I can do it without feeling guilty about housework. 

This morning while everyone was still in bed I got up to a lovely quiet house, made myself a cuppa and caught up with my soaps while I finished this. 

I should have taken a before and after picture but all I did to complete was the pink flower on the right hand vase. My photos aren't brilliant its me and my tablet so there's shadows in the pictures. 

I've picked up this as the next UFO on my list
I started this in September 2014 and it was suppose to be a surprise Christmas present for my hubby. It's really nice to work on. I've done about 30 minutes on it today but hope to get a good run tonight and hopefully I might be able to get it finished for hubby's birthday in April. 

My other resolution. To update my blog regularly. 

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  1. Great work on doing the ufo I have a lot to do as well, should try and do them this year well some along with some new ones