Saturday, 3 September 2016

Holiday stitching.

don't know why but I have stitching which I keep and only do on holiday. At the moment it is a set of Tuscan cats which have been coming on holiday for the last 2 years with me. I choose them as I do love them (obviously) and they're a set of 4 designs which have a good mixture of block stitching which makes them easy to do and confetti stitching which keeps the piece interesting. When I'm not on holiday this kit lives in my bedside cabinet so on the odd occasion I do stitch in bed I find this easy to pull out and pick up and continue stitch in from where I left off. 

As I said they are a set of 4. I have completed 2 already. 

This is where I was at at the start of my holiday with the current one. 

This is where I am now. 

I haven't done loads but hubby has been really poorly with a stomach bug so we haven't been going out as much, especially on a night and when it's been red hot in the afternoon sun is when I retreat indoors to the air conditioned apartment where I've had an hour or relaxing, reading and stitching. 

As we only have 2 full days left of the holiday I know I won't get it finished before I get home so I'll pack it away in my bedside cabinet getting it out occasionally to stitch in bed (though usually I'm so tired by bed time I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!!) and I'll pull it out again for my next holiday. 

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