Sunday, 21 June 2015

This weeks crafting

I haven't done much this last week or so. Now the lighter nights are here we've been out and about on an evening and hubby and I have taken up swimming so by the time we've got in from work, gone swimming and walked the dog and had tea I'm too tired to stitch. 

I'm still working on my owl. I don't feel like I'm getting far with this but I am enjoying it still

I'm really onto my crochet at the moment. I'm working on 3 blankets at the moment working them in weekly rotation  this one I call Scandanavian Cool 

There is only one row of dark brown. I have tried doing it again further up but it doesn't work so this might be the only row of dark brown in the blanket. 

I am also trying my hand at knitting. I have subscribed to The Art of Knitting and am working through the squares. 

This is what I've done so far. Im falling way behind I've only completed 4 and started the 5th but I have 14 issues and to make it worse my sister has also subscribed. I'm not saying my sister and I are competitive but she's way ahead of me and I don't like it so my challenge now is to complete a square a fortnight!!!!


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