Monday, 29 June 2015

Vase of Flowers - Day 4

This is day 4 of my new project. I know I shouldn't have started a new project yet but I did fall in love with it when I saw it in July 2015 CrossStitcher. I ordered the material - a whopping £15 plus postage from Willow Fabrics and this is the first time I have stitched on 19 count aida. It was out of stock so it took a fortnight to come but it was worth it when it came and I'm pleased I didn't use another alternative. 

The material turned up on Friday 26 June and I couldn't wait to get started but due to the type of material I decided to edge it with my sewing machine. 

I tried to edge the material with my sewing machine but my sewing machine and I don't get along too well  And after an hour of trying to thread it and get the bobbin to sit where it's suppose to I finally set off to edge the material AND the material got snagged up!!! And as I've probably mentioned The material was expensive so I spent Friday afternoon over stitching by hand. 

Finally about 5pm I was ready to start and I loved putting the first stitch in. I've stitched loads over the weekend and am pleased  The results. I am using 4 strands of DMC thread on 19 count evenweave. 

Here's the results after 4 days of stitching. 

The only thing is I have a busy week this week with work, evenings out and kids sports days/end of term assemblies so I won't get much done this week. 

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