Friday, 29 January 2016

A Little Experiment

I'm very naughty but last week I was looking through some charts that were in my 'to do' pile and I saw a set of 4 bright flowers which I loved. I thought that if I did them on 18 count they would be a great size for coasters. I love stitched coasters. I use them at home and work. I have been looking at the charts and thinking the best way to stitch them for the past week. Today I cracked and started them. No I haven't finished my owl but I just couldn't resist them any longer. While I was photocopying the charts I noticed it says they take 10 hours each to stitch so I thought I would test the theory out. I use to record how long I it took me to do each project. I kept a record as I went along then recorded the times in a spreadsheet. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost everything. No I didn't back it up. Don't know why (doh) and I never bothered after that. So here's tonight's stitching. I'm going to record it on my blog as I go along cos even if my computer crashes it's still out there somewhere (as long as I can remember my password!!!). 

So after 1 hour and 40 mins stitching here's tonight's offerings. 

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