Sunday, 26 June 2016

This weeks offerings

CI have been working mainly on this. 

It's Dimensions Stag at sunset. I started it last Saturday and as I always start in the bottom left of a piece it's been mainly black so far. 

I have not worked on my other two pieces this week. With my seaside picture I've stitched the wrong colour. On the wind breaker on the left it should be blue. I've been using my pako thread organiser and loading up lots of needles at a time. I've accidentally out the colour for symbol S where into the section marked $ so when I've come to use that thread I've used the wrong colour so it's to unlock and re stitch. Also I've ran out of 676 so I can't go much further until I buy another 2 skeins. Here it is so far Mistake and all
On the left where it's pink and blue I've stitched a beige colour rather than blue. 

I've also been working on Heritage Stitchcraft's Fair game. I must admit I'm not enjoying it much. There is loads of half stitches and straddle stitches so I have to count several times to make sure I'm putting the stitch in the correct place. I also struggle to see the holes on the 28 count even weave. I think it's an age thing. Even in daylight I have to have my lamp on. Here it is so far. 

It also has lots of back stitch so I'm going to try and do that as I go along. 

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