Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A week when my stitchy bug came back

last Monday (4 April) I had a really bad day health wise. I suffer from a degenerative disease which I usually manage on a day to day basis but last Monday (after I'd got dressed for work) I had a massive flare up which left me bed bound. In the morning the pain Es unbearable and even though I want taking strong pAin killers it was not getting rid of the pain. A mixture of pain killers and the bodies natural defenders meant I shut down and slept the morning away. By the afternoon although still in pain I thought some stitching might help take my mind off the pain. As I couldn't get out of bed I asked my daughter to bring me some stitching up. I store each project in a popper type folder so asked her to pick one one bring some scissors and a highlighter. She brought me this. 

This was where I was at as of last Monday. I don't have a picture of what it should look like but it's a vase of flowers which looks like a water colour picture. I have loved working on this over the last week. When I started this I kept a record of the days and times I worked on it. So I kept on doing this while I was working. A week later this is what it,oils like 

and here's a photo of my time sheet. The 2 *indicate when I took the photos. So the first * is the photo after 4 hours 25 minutes stitching and the second photo is after 13.30 (or there abouts. You'll notice on the 10 April I recorded the start time of 18.35 and forgot to record the finish time. I think I stitched for about 15 mins that sitting) 

I know compared to some people it not many hours spent stitching but it is for me, especially over the last 6 months or so when I seem to have lost my stitchy bug. Ive got my next 3 projects lined up so I can't wait to make a start on them but I'm going to finish my case of flowers first before I stet the next one. 
Here's my next 3. I don't know how  I'm going to manage them yet. I'll have to let you know how it goes. 

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