Saturday, 22 November 2014

An Update

Well so much for weekly updates. It's been months!!!!  I would love to say I've loads to show but I haven't really. I have started to crochet and I'm making a ripple blanket which I saw on Attic 24 blog and fell in love with it. After many false starts I ended up getting help from my friend and it's now coming along lovely. I'm so loving ding it and know it'll probably take me a year to finish but it'll be worth it. 
I intend to sew the ends in as I go so I hope to do that today. 

As for my stitching I started a piece in the beginning of September which I'm doing for my hubby for Christmas so I have to stitch it in secret. I'm nowhere near finished and know it won't be for Christmas so I'll have to tell him soon. 
It's an owl at sunset. If I was redoing it I would do the background as half stitches I think it would make the owl stand out more and I would be much further on with the piece if I'd done the background as half stitches. 

I'm still working on the same 2 pieces I was working on in August which I am enjoying doing. 
I have also done a Christmas card which is part of an exchange I'm taking part in on the WOCS Forum which I'll post a picture of after it's been received. 

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