Sunday, 3 August 2014

A finish and a WIP

I finished this yesterday 

It's been easy to do. I started it on holiday in April and only got it finished yesterday but I seem to have lost my sticky bug and with the lovely warm weather we've been having we've been it and about more. I do have a sister project exactly the same but it says 'now panic and freak out'  I intend to start 'now panic' and work it along side my current WIP which is this

Again this is easy as it's block colours but it's done on 28 count even weave so sometimes on a night if I'm too tired I worked on the 'keep calm' I always have a couple of projects on the go at once. One a more complex and another a more easy one and I work on whichever one takes my fancy on the day. It's so hard thought not to look at the lovely new designs which are released and ones published in magazines and resist buying them or starting a new project but I'm determined to finish WIPS before starting a new project (famous last words)

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