Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day 4 in Portugal.

So much for posting an update every day! I must admit I started this at home. I haven't done much stitching but I was awake at 4am on Sunday morning doing some and up at 7.30 this morning getting an hour or so in. I've just stopped and been outside for some breakfast and it is far too hot to comfortably sit out and I'm not ready for sunbathing yet. Despite using lots of mosquito repellent and after sun with mosquito repellent in I've been bitten. Fortunately just on the bottom of my legs and feet. Some years my whole body has been covered. 

 Anyway here's my stitching update
I think it's coming along nicely. The finished design is about 3 x 3 inches so it's not very difficult or needs a lot of concentration. There's just enough amount of block stitching and colour changes to stop it becoming too complicated and having to put too much effort in.

Hubby has just left for the airport to collect my son BFG as he's flying out today to join us. It's been funny just the 3 of us but admittedly much cheaper for meals out, I've spent less on shopping and there's still food in the fridge which will all change from today but I have missed him, so looking forward to seeing him. Don't know if I'll feel the same this time tomorrow when I'm removing empty milk cartons from the fridge, seeing how empty the fridge is and refereeing arguments between the 2 of them (yes even at their ages they still argue over who got the most/had the last etc) 

DDhas been nominated for the ice bucket challenge so she's doing it today and I know BFG will take great pleasure in pouring ice water over her but what he doesn't know is she's going to nominate him and he has to complete within 24 hours so she'll get her own back by doing the same to him. 

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